10 ways to makes an advertisement more effective

  1. Be more creative. Analysis shows that the more creative an advertisement campaign is as a whole, the more it sells. When an ad campaign gets press for standing out on its own, it reaches further. When an effective advertisement is so much different than the rest, it cuts through the clutter. When it’s original, funny, or shocking, it gets people talking, and all of this helps it to sell more. Basically, creativity leads to even more exposure than the client originally paid for.
  2. Define Your Objective with a Clear Call to Action. While creativity can reach more than you bargained for, the ad will not be effective without a clear reason as to what it’s for. Having a clear call to action, making it obvious what the advertisement is about, and what action you want the viewer to take is the important piece in an effective advertisement. Many find this to be a hard balance with creativity.
  3. Famous wins. Attach yourself to a movie star, someone popular, a well-known spokesperson, or even a local celebrity, and your ad will generate more press, attention, and credibility, believe it or not. There’s a reason famous people are famous and that’s because they have a following. This is one easy way to jump on that following if it aligns with your core demographic.
  4. Get with the Times. Play the campaign or ad off of current events and you’ll be sure to get extra exposure that leads to a better overall ROI. We see this advertising method to be effective across all channels, but mostly online where an effective advertisement, story, or campaign can be launched the same day as a big news event or trending topic. Stick with what’s trending and you’ll pop to the top.
  5. Buy TV. Many think that new mediums such as the Internet and mobile devices are replacing TV while nothing can be further from the truth. TV makes brands “famous” much like movie stars. The big boys play on TV, so if you want a lasting brand, you need to buy effective advertisements on TV.
  6. Make it Emotional. People “connect” with each other through emotions and there is no difference in how they connect with a brand. Rather than strictly staying informative, get emotional with it. How does your brand affect their lives?
  7. Multichannel. Advertising campaigns are most effective when a single segment comes across an ad three times on different marketing channels. More than three times will still increase sales and increase brand awareness, but the return on investment may be slightly lower as a comparison to the total lift with just three channels. It’s harder and harder to align multi-channel campaigns after the third, which weakens the overall effective advertisement campaign so we suggest you start with three and go from there.
  8. Keep Spending. Effectiveness in advertising comes from a share of the marketplace voice you have amongst your competitors. If you’re a company that constantly ramps up or ramps down marketing, you’re competitors are maintaining a stronger, more persistent voice, and are most likely keeping a higher percentage of the market share. Market share correlates with voice share.
  9. State Your Value. What’s the overall value you’re providing? Be clear in your ad why your product is better and you’ll see higher sales and results. This could be a positioning statement against your competitors or just the way it betters your customer’s lives. Either way, provide them with a clearly defined value statement.
  10. Entertain or Educate. People who learn something or are entertained by an advertisement are much more likely to remember that advertisement, brand, or product mentioned than those ads that do not. Again, an effective advertisement that brings value right out of the gate is sure to be a winner, generate additional mentions, press, shares, and the like – and go further than one that does not.

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