Your eCommerce storefront is your face and your identity as a salesman. That means you can either be the boring carpet salesman or the amazing late-night QVC presenter that makes you want to buy everything. If you invested so much into the look of your website, but didn’t think to do the same for your actual catalogue or eCommerce photography, it’s going to look out of place for the customer.

Consistency Is Key

Your eCommerce website should feel like one cohesive design. While it may be tempting to go for the most interactive or the most advanced design, it may be a waste of resources if the customer is just going to land on a default shopping page with stock photos of your products. You might want to consider hiring someone who has experience with eCommerce photography and designing custom shopping experiences, so that everything flows together on your eCommerce site.

Product Photography Don’ts

If you’re going to be revamping your eCommerce photography pics, don’t make the mistake of only saving one resolution size per product. Nowadays, you have to design everything multi-platform or you’re going to be forfeiting entire swaths of buyers. Some might not be bothered by a blurry, low-res pic, or a picture that takes forever to load. There are enough impatient buyers out there who will just go someplace else, either because of the inconvenience or because they view your store as low-quality.

Hard To Navigate

If your eyes tend to wander around your webpage or, worse, around the eCommerce photography in your online store, that means your design choices are not streamlined enough and just are not getting the job done. Presentation is everything, and if it doesn’t hold the customer’s interest, your conversion rates are going to suffer. You want to make sure your website is responsive, touch-screen friendly, and easy to navigate.

Information Overload

Optimisation your eCommerce website to become a valuable source of deals, news, and information is half the battle nowadays, it seems. When you have your social media strategy nailed-down, it can be easy to neglect planning what your visitor’s behaviour might be like, once you actually acquire the traffic. You should refrain from putting ad banners in places where it interrupts their concentration or bumps the page/home buttons down further. Same goes for your commerce photography, do not fill in empty space with more information that isn’t vital to their shopping experience.

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