5 Habits You Need To Break This Summer

Summers are here and so is the discomfort associated with it. The scorching sun and the rising humidity can make anyone lose their cool. However, before we start wishing away the summer already, we need to realize that some of our habits are probably to be blamed too. Here’s a list of habits to ditch this summer to make the sunny season less challenging.

Wearing Black

What you wear is as important as what you eat and drink so this summer, ditch your black clothes. Easier said than done,right? Black makes you look thin and is probably your go-to colour but the bummer is that it absorbs maximum heat, so unless you want to melt in those black jeans, save them for the winters.

Shade for the eyes

The sun is not just bad for the skin, even your eyes need a little thought. A pair of sunglasses is the ultimate fix to protect them against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, it helps that this habit will also increase your style quotient.

Stepping out without sunblock

While hydration helps, underestimating the power of a good sunblock is more harmful than you realize. The tan is not the only issue here, it’s the UV rays that are out to get you. Investing in a sunblock lotion is never a bad idea, your skin will thank you later.

Ditch the fried food

While french fries, pizzas and butter chicken make for the yummiest choices, it is wise to ditch them this summer. Instead, opt for fresh iced teas, fruit salads and grilled chicken options.

Not drinking enough liquids

Summers can be testy for our bodies and the worst thing to do is not drinking enough liquids (no, the caffeine and sodas don’t count). Regardless of the season, not drinking water is a habit that needs to go but in summers, it becomes even more important. Keeping yourself hydrated will maximise your energy levels.

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