How Does Tea Tree Oil Help in Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want to possess the hair that is thick and beautiful? Every woman dreams of it and is ready to do all those things that can help to get that lovely mane. After all, hair adds to the beauty and charm of a woman.
When you decide to grow your hair naturally, then one ingredient comes to the picture and that is tea tree oil. It is loaded with various properties that can help to promote hair growth.

Tea tree oil, which is prepared from Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves, is used to treat various scalp and hair-related problems, such as hair loss, dandruff, scalp dermatitis, etc.  Let’s find out the specific properties of tea tree oil that help hair growth.

  • Kills Fungus and Bacteria: The antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree oil help to kill the fungus, called as Malassezia that damages the scalp and causes dandruff (both these conditions cause hair loss and obstruct hair growth).
  • Cleans the Scalp and Opens the Pores: The use of tea tree oil cleans the dirt from the scalp and opens the pores of the scalp, which in turn supports hair growth. Dirty scalp and clogged pores are main causes of obstructed hair growth.
  • Moisturizes the Scalp: The application of tea tree oil moisturizes the scalp properly, which means it maintains the natural oil of the scalp. It treats dry and damaged scalp and keeps it healthy. A well-moisturized and healthy scalp promotes hair growth.
  • Nourishes the Hair Roots: Use of tea tree oil nourishes the hair roots and makes it stronger. So the regular use of tea tree oil maintains the hair growth by controlling the hair fall issue.
  • Controls Excess Oil Production on the Scalp: Tea tree oil not only moisturizes the scalp but also controls the excess production of oil on the scalp. Excess oil on the scalp clogs the pores and leads to hair loss. So controlling the excess oil production of the scalp ultimately helps in hair growth.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Let’s learn the ways to use tea tree oil to get the best results for hair growth!

1. Tea Tree and Olive Oil

Tea tree oil when mixed with olive oil makes one such mixture, which promises to give you a healthy hair growth. Olive oil like tea tree oil is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. So its application kills the bacteria and fungi on the scalp, which are the main causes of hair thinning. It also checks the production of DTH hormone (one of the main causes of hair loss). Its application helps to make the hair stronger by improving the blood circulation in the scalp.

What We Need:

  • Tea Tree Oil – 7 to 10 Drops
  • Warm Olive Oil – 3 tbsp


  1. Take the warm olive oil in a small bowl and add the tea tree oil to it.
  2. Mix both the oils well and apply it on the scalp.
  3. Cove your head with a shower cap and leave for overnight.
  4. In the morning clean your hair and scalp using your regular shampoo.
  5. This method will promote hair growth and make your hair stronger by cleaning the scalp and treating the dandruff issue.

Note:  Use only warm olive oil to prepare this remedy as tea tree oil will not mix properly with olive oil if it is cold.


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