Cold cream is a wonder when it comes to removing makeup, as its oils dissolve all and any makeup effortlessly. More importantly, it does so without the need for vigorous scrubbing. It can even be gently rubbed against the lashes (eyes shut tight!) to remove stubborn mascara and eyeliner. After applying it gently all over the face and leaving it for a few minutes, it is best removed with a warm wet towel. If it is still bothersome afterwards, some people like to use their regular face wash or use a toner to remove the remaining greasiness.

Are the Ingredients in Cold Cream Harmful?

Probably the one ingredient that will cause a few of our readers some worry is mineral oil. Many sources claim that it is unsafe and should not be used on the skin. Let us put this case to rest: the grade and purity of mineral oil used in cosmetics and skin care products has been scientifically proven to be safe. It is non-carcinogenic and non-comedienne  . Not only that, but because of its nature, mineral oil forms an occlusive barrier on top of the skin that will prevent water from escaping from the skin, therefore improving skin moisture and combating skin aging . Mineral oil has been around for a long time and is being used in many skin care products, including the all famous and very much loved baby oil.

Who Should Use Cold Cream?

People with very dry skin, or who suffer from extremely dry, flaky patches; people on drying skin treatments such as retinoids and tazaroten; and people living in dry, cold climates will find cold cream soothing and a life saver.

Who Should Not Use It?

Cold cream is quite heavy in consistency, so people with oily skin will probably not be great fans, as it will feel very “greasy” to them. However, most people with oily skin can still use it as a makeup remover. Also people living in hot, humid weathers will find this too heavy; cold cream is more of a winter product.


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