Major Signs Of Poor Listening?

Poor listening, though, usually common with old age yet can happen in children and young adults as well. There are varied symptoms or signs that show your kid or friend at workplace is suffering from poor listening. The post below highlights some of the major signs of poor listening.

Distraction & hypersensitivity

Those who are short of hearing can get distracted easily by the other sounds prevalent in surrounding environment. Children with weak listening might get distracted easily by ticking of a clock, humming lights, sounds ion corridor or the movements of the classmates in the same room. If a person sitting in some crowded is unable to recognize his name when called & could only realize while touched or approached- it could signify poor listening that results from weak auditory filtering. The situation can result in hypersensitivity towards everyday sounds. T6hose who suffer from such an issue might overreact to sounds from kitchen appliances, toilet flush, vacuum cleaner or children playing nearby.

Delay in information processing

This is one of the most common and natural signs of those weak listening issues. When somebody suffers from low listening problems, he won’t be able to come up with immediate response to questions or statements in conversation. It takes him sometime to fathom the question raised of statement made which delays his response effect naturally. Connected with this is the trouble of following directions. One who is short of hearing might finish just a part of task offered to him and his sloth movement might make him unable to fulfill the entire assignment on time.

Psychological & behavioral signs

Those who suffer from low listening skills usually suffer from lack of confidence & poor self-esteem. They would hesitate to go beyond comfort zone given the fear of being mocked or the incapability to process information on time. They will generally have trouble in meeting the set deadlines. It has been found that those with poor listening issues are usually disorganized, especially because of their comparatively slower movement and their efforts to compensate make the situation messy for them.

They would be usually stressed most of the times and might also have trouble in making friends 7 communicating properly in the social situations.

Poor articulation

Speech is dependent on the auditory signals and if one is short of hearing it would naturally lead to poor articulation. In children, weak listening issues can delay language developments.

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