Mobile SEO: What is it??

Mobile SEO: Implementation Or Redesign?

This question requires a critical honest response. A number of businesses believe that their existing website satisfies the needs of their mobile audience when it does not. The main reason is that they fail to recognise the goal of a mobile user. Mobile users value a website that provides not just the answers to their fleeting questions, but a website that does it through an excellent user interface.

Use the data to answer the question. Is it feasible to create a separate landing page that redirects to a mobile CSS? Is the existing mobile page suitable or is it littered with faulty redirect that does nothing but frustrate the user? Are there resources available to upgrade the website to one that adheres to the principles of responsive design? John Allsop does an amazing write up for the blog A List Apart title the Dao of Web Design. In his article he compares the tenets of Daoism with responsive design.

As you can see there are a number of questions within this phase but it all stems from the initial two. Should there be a site dedicated for mobile or does the current one need attention? Either way, mobile users should be addressed on your website.

Mobile SEO: Testing And Sustainability

The decision you make must be evaluated thoroughly. Releasing or redesigning without testing could become more of a detriment than an asset. There are emulators and development kits on the web to help ensure your mobile site is up, but nothing beats user testing. Breakout the tablets and phones at your disposal and be receptive to critique. Similar to any SEO, conduct testing for an extended period of time to conclude what works and what does not. Continue to use GA and take advantage of the trends that begin to appear.

Mobile SEO: Implementation

Google has published a Mobile Playbook, offering their latest best practices for mobile SEO, including the price transparency challenge, when to build a mobile website and when to build a mobile app.

Mobile SEO: All Things Considered

Embarking on a mobile SEO strategy will require a considerable amount of effort. A respectable ROI will not come from a reactive campaign. This three tier roadmap is a general guideline to follow, but what works for some may fail for others. The fact remains, in order to compete in this shifting atmosphere, marketing strategies must be flexible and subject to change.

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