Top Health Trends 2016

Gone are the days when people would load up on carbs and neglect workouts. As awareness about wellness is spreading, people, especially generation Y, is getting more health conscious than ever. The notion of a sound mind residing in a healthy body is catching up. Look around and you’ll see that a number of super healthy trends have mushroomed and people are religiously following them. Here are the ones topping all charts.

Fibre is the new protein

While the benefits of fibre were always known but it’s become one of the latest health trends. Why just eat proteins when you can also have fibre which is the most intrinsic element to keep our digestion running smoothly. Not just that awareness is spreading and people are incorporating fibre in their diets to maintain weight rather than go on starving diet plans..

Sea greens

While Kale had made health headlines the whole of last year, this year it is being replaced by environmental sea greens. These include nori, kombu, kelp etc. The beauty of sea vegetables lie in their nutritional value as they are rich in minerals, vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes and yet they are virtually calorie-free (hallelujah!).


How many times have we seen people shy away from chocolates saying they don’t want to get fat? However, research has shown that chocolates rich in cocoa will do you more good than harm. Cocoa has blood pressure-lowering effects and research has pointed towards its additional heart-healthy benefits. Now you have one more reason to indulge in dark chocolate which is rich in cocoa.


We always knew the benefits of meditation but now it’s becoming more of a social and fun exercise. Recently, New York saw a group of 800 people come together with their friends and family to meditate. Meditation is fast becoming the new ‘happy hour’ and you’ll hear more and more people organizing these dos rather than brunches and calorie laden lunches.

Super herbs

Meet the new superheroes of the health world- the super herbs. You’ve obviously heard of super foods, now make way for the super herbs. These are the plants that have superpowers which can help the body relieve stress and help cope with it in a healthy way (versus making us run down and feel exhausted). Super herbs like licorice roots, garlic, oregano oil and ginger all enhance immune and help you stay healthy.

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