Useless things to cut from your eCommerce marketing Budget

Get out the scissors; we’re going to do some cutting, save you some money, boost that ROI, and increase your profits from your e-commerce marketing.

Ever wonder what the most wasteful parts of your e-commerce marketing may be? There are probably a lot more than 10, but we wanted to start with the top 10 useless things first.

  1. Those Social Networks No One Uses
  2. Your Unnecessary Website Redesign
  3. That Mobile App You’re Developing
  4. Your Untargeted Paid Media Spend
  5. Pretty Much All of Your Press Releases
  6. All That Over Reporting
  7. Those Millions of Micro-sites
  8. Your Go-To Marketing Offer
  9. The Fire-hose Blast of Content
  10. The On-Page SEO Fixation

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