There’s no doubt that eCommerce has changed the way we think about shopping. It’s akin to adding how the interstate highway system changed the way we travel in America. We are no longer bound to what we can acquire by what is available to us in a local vicinity. This ability to buy anything we want, within reason, has expanded to more than just material goods, but also sustainable goods, like our groceries. With the world practically at our fingertips, how will the future of eCommerce change us?

Buying Power

The people have spoken and the only trend toward the future of eCommerce that matters right now is the never-ending growth of online shopping. Holiday shopping online has eclipsed brick and mortar sales. People often view shopping malls as mere display cases of things that they want, when it comes to electronics and entertainment.

There are also real psychological reasons why people are preferring to order their gifts and regular shopping online. Receiving something in the mail by the postman or truck driver delivering to your doorstep provides a much more exciting experience, akin to receiving a wrapped present on a holiday. Everyone likes to receive gifts, even if they bought them for themselves!

So, when you take this new societal trend into account, you can begin to imagine how the future of eCommerce will evolve to better serve the customer.

eCommerce In 20 Years

If you think about it, eCommerce has really only existed for 20 years, really taking off in the last decade, as internet access and mobile phone access has blossomed. If you look towards the things being worked on by internet retail giants like Amazon, you can get a sense of how the future of eCommerce will evolve going forward. The application of drone delivery is upon us, bringing shipping to a near instantaneous reality. This is kind of what the future looks like in some of those old sci-fi movies or novels. We already have the ability to order whatever we want at the click of a button, now all we need from the future of eCommerce is affordable access to same-day or “in a few hours” delivery.

The future looks bright for anyone in the eCommerce space. Faster delivery equals higher conversion rates, impulse buying, and most likely less returns. If you have customers buying more things out of impulse, they will probably be more bothered at the idea of shipping it back to the online store, if they can’t simply reattach it to a drone and fly it back. Any online retailer out there would smile at the thought of that scenario.

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